Client Driven Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO)

Three Stone Media LLC, now runs as Computer Services and Training is a Richmond Virginia SEO and Web Development company. Companies looking to improve the ROI of their website benefit from our implementation of web development and SEO best practices on their web properties. In coordination with onsite optimization our clients, we build appropriate incoming links, integrate with social media, and add appropriate paid search efforts. Three Stone Media LLC works to increase conversions and ultimately revenue on your website.

What Does SEO Mean?

SEO has been called “witchcraft”, “smoke and mirrors”, even “spam” by many over time. As practiced by less-reputable firms, these might be accurate descriptions. However, when SEO best practices are used, SEO is actually the implementation of a well thought out strategy to increase the productivity of a company’s online presence. SEO implementations should be thought of much like a well done product release. Research (keywords/competition), Plan (strategy), Market/Release (make website changes), Measure (analytics), and Modify/Repeat (revise/repeat).

How Can You Measure SEO Effectiveness?

It is actually easier to measure the success of SEO efforts than many believe. The key to measuring SEO success starts in the strategy phase — you must define the goal of your SEO efforts. The goal can be as simple as increasing web traffic or as complex as increasing product awareness of a new product in the pipeline. Of course the goal of SEO for most businesses is to increase leads and ultimately sales. Once an overall goal is identified, a proper metric or series of metrics can be identified — and ultimately tracking tools for the defined metrics are put in place.

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Three Stone Media LLC works with clients around the country on projects ranging from web development to SEO to website monetization consulting. Check out a sampling of our clients to get an idea of the diversity we offer.