Three Stone Media LLC is a Virginia SEO firm that specializes in organic search engine optimization (SEO) and complete website implementations for businesses of all sizes. We are based in central Virginia, just outside of Richmond, but our clients cover the globe.

Our passion is SEO. While we started in website development, it became obvious quickly that the under-served market is really completely SEO’d websites. The typical website development company puts development first, and only thinks of SEO after the site is live. We develop each page and function on a site with the ultimate goal of driving traffic to your business. Our mantra, it’s a business, not a website, is something we truly believe in.

Website Development
Our web development experience covers technologies ranging from enterprise wide solutions (J2EE framework / .Net) to simple static HTML implementations. The bulk of our clients though are looking for simple dynamic e-commerce websites that are reasonably priced and are relatively easy to maintain without having an onsite “techie”. This is our specialty — PHP website development / MySql database / Apache webserver. A solution on this scale is sufficient, cost effective, and usually offers a positive ROI for most businesses.

Website Monetization
We are constantly working on websites and testing website SEO and monetization techniques. One of our newest test beds is a site about website monetization and affiliate marketing. Our goal is to have it be a resource for maximizing website revenues. At some point in the future we hope to turn it loose on the Internet!