10 SEO Basics Articles Worth Reading

I had planned to start out this blog with a post on SEO basics. After some thought, a draft post, and some more thought, I decided that there are tons of blog posts out there about SEO basics. Why should I add a regurgitated post about basic on-page SEO? No reason. I’ll surely include some of my thoughts on SEO basics in future posts.

So, here is list of 10 SEO basics pages that I think are worth a read. As with anything you read, take them with a grain of salt — think on your own.

  1. Sugarrae – Links
  2. Jen Slegg – SEO Mistakes
  3. Search Engine Watch – Best Practices
  4. Search Engine Guide – Basics
  5. SEO BOOK – Glossary
  6. Search Engine Journal – SEO Tactics
  7. Interspire – Google SEO Basics
  8. IBM – SEO (interesting read)
  9. Google – Webmaster Guidelines (some would say required reading!)
  10. Webmasterradio – SEO 101 (listen)

I find the IBM link interesting as it comes across to me as very IBM… corporate, big business… boring. But it has some value. Remember, it takes many alternate inputs to form a good opinion, especially with SEO.

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