Are There Really Social Media Marketing Tips?

I keep up with social media news pretty well. Despite having more of a raw SEO background, I recognize the value of social media with regards to link building and the resulting traffic building.

One thing I try to stay on top of is new tips and tricks that SMO marketers are coming up with. Just today I was reading about social marketing tips at ProBlogineer. I was especially interested to see if they had any breaking new social media tips. As far as tips go this post was weak. However, I did like the blog, and will be going back (I don’t subscribe to RSS until I’ve visited a site a few times).

So what tips do I follow? The following are just the baseline of my social media tips:

  • Don’t spam on social media sites. The users who you really want to attract the attention of are smart enough to pick through your spam, and after a while, they won’t vote for your content.
  • Don’t spam in comments. Sure, you might get some comment links through, and they might be do-follows, but most people will recognize your spam, and will not follow it. Your ability to just get comment links will suffer.
  • Do provide good comments on other blogs. It builds respect for you as a brand, and will lead to links.
  • Do submit good content to social media sites. The better your content, the more likely you will build followers. The more followers, the wider your network of potential link providers becomes.

I guess to me, good karma breeds good karma.

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