RIP MyBlogLog

I just got my official notice this morning that Yahoo! MyBlogLog is being discontinued effective May 24, 2011. Of course they don’t say much else in their email notification, but I did not really expect they would.  It seems to me that MyBlogLog was pretty much put on the back burner once Yahoo! bought them a few years back (or was it several — it has been so long since I paid any attention).

I can recall the first time I saw a MyBlogLog widget on the sidebar of an Internet marketing focused blog.  It was a pretty cool idea.  Kind of like social networking for geeks before the world became enamored with Facebook. Just pulling from my memory, it seems like MySpace was the dominant social network of the time (and we all know that was full of kids, marketers (err spammer), and some parents trying to keep track of what their kids were up to.

For those of you not familiar with MyBlogLog… think of a Facebook fan widget that you see on most SEO’d sites of today (check out the right nav bar beside this post now).  It did not really show status updates, it just showed avatars of other MyBlogLog users who had visited the blog/page that the widget was on.

It was a cool idea, and if you bought in to social networking in this dawning phase of social networking, you could really drive some traffic (or at least consistent traffic) to your site.  I experimented with it on a few of my sites.  I’m down to having the widget on a single site of mine now. Of course I’ll rip that out today or tomorrow.

So, it’s not sad in the sense of losing a longtime friend, but I will likely miss that memory of an occasional acquaintance.

Good bye MyBlogLog.

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