Who Wants to Drive More Traffic to Their Website?

Having a website for your business with no traffic is about as useful as having a store at a physical location with no sign, no door and no inventory. You’re open for business, so you not only want to bring in the crowds, but also attract customers looking for the services you offer.

If your virtual sales floor is feeling about as deserted as a ghost town and your Google SEO is falling way short, try these effective tips for driving more traffic to your website.

Spread the Word

For ages businesses have used word-of-mouth methods to drive business, so why stop in the Internet age? Inform everyone you can, including past clients, family members, and friends about your website, and ask them to spread the word.

Starting a Facebook page for yourself and one for your business is a great way to spread the word on the World Wide Web where you can extend your reach, connect with applicable social groups and give them a reason to visit your site.

Join The Discussion

Find a forum or group online that focuses on the type of products or services you provide and join in on the conversation. By posting meaningful responses, whether the topic is roofing, car mechanics or pet supplies, you’ll gain the trust of an entire new audience. Be sure to include a link to your Web address with a respectful initiation to check it out.

Blog About It

A great way to assert your expertise and drive beneficial traffic to your website is to create a blog or post to existing blogs. As you continue to create articles and commentary focused on your line of business, you will attract Web surfers, directing them to your website having already confirmed they are aware of who you are and interested in your products or services.

Simple SEO

Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may sound like a clinical term, but you don’t need an advanced degree in design, marketing or mathematics to quickly learn to use the basics effectively. Registering your website with Google, paying attention to keywords in your copy, adding frequent updates and increasing incoming and outgoing links will steadily boost your search engine ranking. Just remember to always shoot for great content and an enjoyable user experience on your website, and you can’t go wrong.

Follow Through

Few success stories are written overnight, so remember to stay the course and be patient. Keep your website current and make improvements when needed, post to your Facebook page and promote sales or specials, and investigate partnerships and advertising opportunities.

If you continue to diligently utilize the simple methods outlined here, and educate yourself further on the ever-evolving ways of online marketing, you will notice a rise in visitors and increased sales on your website.