The Importance of Optimizing Your Landing Pages

As business owners, our assumption is you understand the value of owning a website and have one set up optimally to attract customers. You may even have taken the next step and invested in educating yourself to learn more about important factors in internet marketing such as split testing and optimization. More often than not though, the majority of websites, even the ones that look highly polished, lack the proper elements that result in higher conversions which lead to more sales.

This is because most business owners are attracted by the bright lights and fancy gadgets when in reality, it’s the simple things that usually make the difference. What we are going to discuss in the next few paragraphs is the importance of one of those simple things one can implement that can lead to big results.

Landing Pages

A complete website with clear navigation to all relevant areas, relevant graphics and an intuitive layout is all but assumed when hiring a decent web designer, but an important factor that is not really discussed is the importance of landing pages. This is mainly due to the lack of focus on this topic amongst the design industry so when looking to work with a new designer, ask them about their experience with landing pages and examples for your review.

Now what exactly is the importance of a landing page? First off, if you didn’t know, a landing page is a type of page on your website which is specifically designed to answer the question that a potential customer was asking themselves. Rather than fumbling around your website looking for this solution, a landing page is optimized to quickly get to the point and lead a visitor to perform whatever action you require from them.

Staging a Proper Funnel

Since the page is targeting a certain web visitor, more than likely your conversions will be much higher as well since everything about that page is designed to “speak” to them. They will feel like they found exactly what they need and jump through any hoops that you request because of it.

Look at it from the visitors standpoint. Would you rather waste time clicking through every link on a website, still not being able to find what you want? Specially created landing pages will quickly address what they need and point them in the proper direction. Simple and straight to the point has been proven to work better in the current environment, with well done videos contributing to longer user engagement as well.

Split Testing

A good landing page designer will be able to design you a landing page that is consistent with your niche and is optimized for conversions and sales. Through in-depth analysis, you can continue to split-test your landing pages to find out what elements on them produce higher conversions in the end.

This means for example, you can try different colors of a buy button to see how visitors respond to those colors. This may surprisingly produce even better results for you depending on the element you’re testing.

As one can see, the importance of skillfully crafted landing pages can not be understated. With good ones set up properly, one is more than assured to achieve the results they desire.