Benefits Of Flexible Working

Flexible working is growing in popularity as more and more employers recognize the significant benefits that flexible working can bring to their business and to their staff.

Here we look at some of the reasons why flexible working can be so beneficial and rewarding for both the employer and the employee:

Avoids Short Staffing

Illness, holidays and other unforeseen circumstances are unavoidable but being short staffed in a particularly busy or crucial time for a business can be a real nightmare. By allowing some or all of your staff to work independently away from the office it allows them to work at a convenient time without pressure and without impacting too much on the business.

Reduces Lateness

It’s inevitable that people aren’t always going to be in work on time, particularly those with children who have to do the school run before work, heavy traffic and at times, unreliable public transport can all throw a spanner in the works when it comes to being punctual to work. Working from home allows for better time management and reduces stress caused through a daily commute.

Increases Working Hours

Flexible working can help to extend working hours, just because the head office is closed it doesn’t mean that your customers cannot contact you if they need to. Having a select few employees on hand to answer emails, queries etc. out of office hours can dramatically boost your annual turnover and prevents sifting through a mountain of paperwork on Monday morning.

Brings The Best Out In Your Employees

By giving your employees freedom to work at their own time and pace without constant scrutiny and pressure will result in them feeling more relaxed, therefore giving a better performance and allows them to work at a time of day that suits them, a time they won’t be distracted or still tired from the night before.

Long-Serving Employees

Employees are more likely to be loyal and committed to a company that offers them flexibility and lee-way, particularly those with a family who perhaps have to fit in their work with other responsibilities. By being accommodating to your staff, they will in turn reward you by being dedicated and hard-working and you won’t find yourself having to advertise for new staff.

For Employees

Freedom To Juggle Daily Life With Work

Whether you are a parent or have other responsibilities away from the office, flexible working can allow you to effectively juggle both without feeling ‘overworked’. It can allow you to fit work around your day to suit you, enhancing performance and reducing stress.

Cuts Down Travel Costs

In the case where you have a long commute to work each day, petrol and travel costs (these are not always covered by your company) can quickly mount up and at times this can be crippling. By working away from the office some of the time or a lot of the time this can dramatically cut your travel expenses and reduce the amount of time travelling that could better to be spent working.

More Time To Spend With Family

Less time spent at the office means more time to spend with your loved ones and more time spent doing the things you enjoy without jeopardising your career thanks to flexible working.

More Constructive Use Of Time

If you find yourself wandering around the office gossiping with colleagues when you should be working, flexible working provides a more suitable alternative. Particularly if you are alone most of the day you could find fewer distractions working away from the office and get the work done more quickly.

This post was written by Crispin Jones for Name Badges International – worldwide suppliers of prestige name badges for the work place.