How to Ensure ROI with CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs are a key way for businesses to add multimedia to their marketing collateral or training package. While the content on them is undoubtedly important, the quality of their finish is what ensures the investment pays off.

Why Choose a Professional CD/DVD Duplication Service?

The majority of office PCs are capable of copying small quantities of CDs or DVDs, but they are incapable of producing disks which customers, potential customers, partners and employees actually want to watch. Consider this; you arrive home from a conference with a carrier bag full of professionally designed leaflets and glossy brochures. Would you really bother to watch the scratched DVD, complete with marker pen scrawled handwriting, lurking at the bottom of the bag? What impression would you have of the company which gave you it? This is why so many business owners and marketers choose to leave the production to the experts.

DVD and CD Printing

On body disk printing gives a professional look and gets your brand across effectively. Reject any companies offering labels – choose full colour digital CD printing for a high resolution image which exudes quality.

Cases, Wallets and Cellophane Wrapping

Packaging is important, both practically and aesthetically. Prevent scratches in style with a sturdy jewel case, using cellophane wrapping for a professional feel. Cardboard wallets are a simple, low cost solution, often used when producing high volumes of free giveaway DVDs. Digipaks are made from paper or card; they are shatterproof and give a more premium feel than a wallet.

CD Booklets and Inlays

Inlets (or wraps) can be single or double sided, and are used in plastic cases. Printed CD or DVD booklets allow you to give additional information, providing an extra marketing element. Ensure you use a quality graphic design programme (or designer) and full digital colour printing. A professional finish is achieved with consistently accurate guillotining and folding.

The best way to maximise your investment in CD or DVD production is to create a product with a quality feel and look. This will intrigue and captivate customers and potential customers, clients, partners and employees.

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Not all duplicators are identical

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