Staying Healthy in the Office

The human body wasn’t designed to be sat at a desk every day, so it’s little wonder that many office workers suffer from the odd aches and pains. But, there are lots of measures you can take to reduce the impact of any negative effects of being glued to a desk all day long. Here are some for starters.

Take regular breaks

If you’re snowed under with work it might seem impossible to take a break away from your desk, but in actual fact research suggests that taking regular breaks can help improve your concentration when you get back to your work.

Moving about and stretching can be good for your posture and muscles, so even if you just get up every now and again for a few minutes, you’ll be making a difference. Rest your eyes from the computer screen every 20 minutes or so, and make sure that glare on your screen isn’t causing you to squint – otherwise, you’ll end up with a headache.

Healthy eating

What you choose to eat during your working day can have an impact on how you feel, particularly your energy and concentration levels. Try to choose snacks that will sustain your energy for a long period of time, rather than give you an instant sugar rush, followed by a slump. The afternoon time can be hard for maintaining energy levels, so choose nuts, seeds, fruit, rice cakes or oatcakes to keep you going. Avoid sitting at your desk at lunch times – instead, get some fresh air and eat outside.

Keep hydrated

The air in an office can often be dry and stuffy, which can leave you feeling tired and groggy. Counteract this by keeping well hydrated. Keep a jug filled with water on your desk and top up your glass regularly.

Get a plant

Computers and office equipment are thought to emit substances into the atmosphere that may have a negative effect, and may be responsible for headaches. However, placing a plant next to your computer can help to mop up any of these harmful compounds, cleaning the surrounding atmosphere. Spider plants and peace lilies are especially effective for this.

Clean your desk

When the work starts piling up, you might not rank cleaning your desk area high on the priority list, but many office desks can harbour germs and bacteria, which could make you sick. Research has even suggested that there can be more germs on a computer keyboard than on a toilet seat! Make sure your desk isn’t toxic by giving it a good clean now and again.

Get organised

Whilst you’re cleaning your desk, tidy it up too, so that your work is organised and you know where to find the things you need. Tackle those tasks that have been lurking in your in-tray for a while and get on top of jobs. A disorganised work environment can elevate stress levels in workers, so create harmony in your workplace by organising everything around you.

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