What Your Web Host Says About You

Your web hoster can say a lot more about you than you might realise. There might be hundreds on the market but each will be renowned for attracting users with a different array of needs. As such, your needs and the specific services you intend on using should have a significant impact on what host you decide to use.

Stats don’t lie

Below we’ve produced an infographic that depicts the statistics for just one of the host sites you can compare at www.WhoIsHostingThis.com, which we have gathered by sampling and analysing a section (around 300) of the sites hosted through it. The host in question is ‘HostGator’, a hosting site that was founded around the turn of the century and has built a dedicated user base over the past decade that has helped it become one of the most popular hosts around. With this infographic we’ll be looking at how site owners using HostGator manage, promote and organise their websites with a means to revealing wether or not it could be the right host for you.

Our research has revealed that the majority of HostGator users use analytical plugins to asses their sites traffic and adjust the content of their sites accordingly. A huge 40% of users favour Google’s ‘Analytics’, with the majority of the remaining users either using WordPress ‘Stats’ (on that note, 81% of HostGator customers use the industry leading content management system) and ‘Piwik’. This reveals that HostGator users are smart, mathematically minded individuals who put great faith in the power of statistics, a power that is particularly helpful when choosing who to promote your site to and how to about promoting it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Our research has revealed that HostGator users are incredibly savvy when it comes to search engine optimisation. 12% of the hosts users have used the ‘Yoast’ SEO plugin to increase their websites rankings in an organic manner and 11% have the increasingly popular ‘Google Plus’ platform installed. It’s been proven that google plus account have seen a dramatic 10% increase in popularity in the past year and it’s anticipated that Google plus will overtake even the mighty Facebook by 2016. This means that HostGator users really have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to evolving trends in the SEO world.

Understanding RSS

The infographic also shows us that HostGator is the 10th top hosting provider for RSS with 26% of users utilising the service, as opposed to an average 12.3% from other hosts. RSS stands for ‘Rich Site Summary’ and is a format for delivering ever changing format via a special RSS ‘feed’, which allows regular site visitors to see a sites updated, pertinent information, without the rigmarole of having to visit the site itself. Therefore those sites that use RSS (and by extension HostGator users) are generally heavily text based.

HostGator is a hosting choice for the intelligent and statistically minded so if your site requires updating on a regular basis it would be an incredibly wise choice.

Hosting Infographic

Chris Hoole is a freelance copywriter from Manchester in the UK who has used various ways to help find his own website host. He couldn’t be any happier with the service that is provided by them.