How Can I Make My Website a Winner?

A lot of website owners might ask themselves why they’re not attracting the amount of traffic they expected. And if you’re not attracting enough people, then your business, art, or whatever you might be promoting, suffers as a consequence. Isn’t it as simple as getting a website online and watching the hits roll in?

Unfortunately, no. Website design might not be tricky anymore – and most web hosting companies offer fairly comprehensive tools, gadgets and guides, as well as automated design generators for those not blessed with tech smarts – but it’s easy to fall prey to poor design choices, and if your website’s a slog for users to deal with, they’re not going to stay there for very long. Fortunately for you, however, these basic pitfalls can easily be avoided, and the list below should help you on your way to creating a sleek, professionally designed website that’s guaranteed to keep your clients interested and bolster your traffic.

Winning website design

Personalization. Nothing speaks louder to a potential client than personalization. It’s the little things that count, and if you can find a way to personalize someone’s internet experience through your site, you’ll be that much more successful.

Go mobile. By next year, more users will be accessing the mobile web through their phones, than on their computers. Take advantage of this, and don’t put off making your website phone-friendly – go big on the display, and don’t leave tiny indecipherable fine print!

Don’t clutter. There’s a tendency to want to put everything up on your website, all at once. All the information customers and clients couldn’t possibly ever need. Too many animations to distract your users. All this does is make it harder to see the obvious – think clearly about what service should your client be there for, and effortlessly guide them towards it.

No gobbledygook. No-one likes being talked over, or hearing a string of jargon-y business speak. It’s gibberish, and its not impressive, even if its catchy on the inside world. Let your website speak like a human, plainly and simply, and it’ll be a success. Forget looking for what’s trendy or catchy, and prioritize clarity.

Annoyances. One of the worst things to put off internet visitors using your site are all those pop-up advertising. Sure, it nets you some extra income, but consider using well placed, discreet native advertising instead. It won’t get in the way, and it won’t frustrate your viewers.


Following these basic steps, you should be well on your way towards a winning website – something that’s easy to use, professional, and something that will actually draw your viewers further in, and not send them to sleep. Good website design is about harnessing your clients’ online experience, not detracting from it. And a good website isn’t just a promotional tool, it’s a launchpad for ideas and connections, encouraging development and feedback and can be used to promote the work of others and raise awareness. You can do so much with a website. Just keep it simple.