Where To Get Blog Content

Quality content is key, yet many business owners simply lack the time to write their own blog posts. There are so many demands that a business owner has on his or her time that it might seem as though finding time to write a blog post is an ordeal. The good news is that there are so many content sites available that business owners can get requests for blog content filled easily.

Interact Media

Interact Media, as known as Zerys, is another source for blog post content rapidly growing in popularity. The site is set up in a way that walks clients through every step, with access to a helpful support staff. Helpful tools to allow for keyword optimization are built right in, eliminating much of the need for revisions. A Copyscape scan is built in, keeping up with the company’s zero tolerance policy against plagiarism. Writers are permitted to write within certain categories that match their experience. Favorite writer lists can be set up, allowing only the best writers to see posted jobs. Direct assignments options are also available.


Copify is one of the leading choices for quality blog content, with approved copywriters from both the UK and the US. It’s easy to place an order for the content you need in a few minutes using the Brief Builder. No matter whether you need an order for a single post or need hundreds of blog posts, your content orders will be ready for willing writers to see in no time. Email alerts make it easy to keep track of when a writer has selected a content order, and tracking tools make it easier to stay on top of any revisions. An extra bonus is the fact that easy publishing options are offered for popular content systems like WordPress or Magento. Completed content can also be downloaded in several formats.


Textbroker, like Copify and Interact Media, also hires only native English writers with proven writing experience. The rates for writers are reasonable, and clients can always request writers who meet certain minimum quality standards. Clients can take advantage of self service options for buying content, or rely on the help of an account manager who can effortlessly handle any issues that arise.

As with other content sites, it is easy to work with writers who have effectively demonstrated their skills. Direct orders are available, allowing clients to offer orders to those writers that they trust the most. Many clients also like to select writers from teams. The teams are flexible because writers can opt in without requiring an application, they can apply to join a team with an appropriate writing sample or credentials provided, or they can be invited by a client.

Quality blog posts are essential for businesses, and it is refreshing for clients to have access to a large pool of writers. Business owners can have greater peace of mind knowing that qualified writers are available to handle their writing needs. Remember that the more quality posts a blog has, the greater the number of visitors it will attract.