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Quality Link Building for Affiliate Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, link building is still an important part of SEO. Google’s Hummingbird update may have changed the emphasis of the search algorithm from link volume and keywords to quality content and being an “authority” on a subject, but it is still important to have high quality links. If you don’t want the success of your website to be tied to how much you are willing to spend on paid search and PPC marketing, then you will need to have incoming links from high quality websites that are related to your niche. These link building strategies will help you to acquire the kinds of links that Google loves.

Find Quality Sources

Don’t waste your time on low quality links from generic web directories or article marketing sites. Focus on high quality blogs, news sites and businesses within your niche. You can find high quality sources by using tools such as the Affilotools Link Finder ( Simply enter your chosen keywords, tick the kind of link you’re interested in building, and click find links. You will be presented with a list of potential blogs and websites to target with your link building efforts.

Spend a Few Minutes On Link Building Each Day

Google will view your website with suspicion if you suddenly end up with hundreds of new incoming links. It is much better from an SEO point of view (and for your organic traffic, for that matter), if you bring in links at a slow, steady pace. Continue reading Quality Link Building for Affiliate Marketing

How to Include Affiliate Links Effectively

Most people start blogging as a hobby; a way to share their interests with the world. As their blogs start to become more popular and take up more of their time, it’s natural to want to get something back for their efforts. Hosting costs money, and researching and writing interesting blog posts can start to feel like work after you’ve been doing it week in, week out, for a long time.

Some bloggers make money from CPM advertising, but this doesn’t work in all niches. If your niche is not a high traffic, high paying one you may do better from affiliate links instead of advertisements that pay based on the number of impressions you generate. The challenge is figuring out how to include those links without alienating your visitors.

Add Value to Your Blog

Your readers come to your blog because of your charm and wit, or the quality of the information you post. If you stop posting the kind of content that your visitors love and replace that content with a series of thinly veiled infomercials, then you will alienate the people that made your blog successful in the first place. Continue reading How to Include Affiliate Links Effectively

Want to Start Your Own Side Business? Find Out If Affiliate Marketing is a Good Fit

According to CNBC, American entrepreneurship increased by 60% between 2010 and 2012. While that’s a huge jump, given the massive fallout of 2008’s economic meltdown, it’s not all that surprising. Arguably, the most commonly overlooked but actually most interesting aspect of this information is not everyone who’s starting a new business is doing so because they lost or quit their job. Instead, a substantial number of fresh entrepreneurs are using a side business to get their feet wet for the first time.

Although starting a small side business may not sound as exciting as the type of thrive or die entrepreneurship that’s often encouraged in Silicon Valley, this approach is actually more sensible for a lot of people. By starting small, new entrepreneurs are able to minimize their downside. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a substantial upside. On the contrary, the worst case scenario is they lose a small monetary investment and time that would have otherwise been spent on something like a hobby.

A good outcome is the business grows and continues to generate additional income for the entrepreneur on a monthly basis. And a great outcome is if the business does so well that the person who started it realizes that they’ve reached a point where it makes sense to shift their full-time attention to that job. Additionally, starting a business on the side means that someone can try out an idea without deciding whether or not to quit their existing job. That makes it possible to explore ideas that would have otherwise been scrapped. Continue reading Want to Start Your Own Side Business? Find Out If Affiliate Marketing is a Good Fit