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Your Guide to a Career in the Digital Industry

One of the current and one of the most used buzzwords today is ‘digital’ with everybody trying to get themselves a slice of the yummy money pot pie. The Internet has made businesses of all sizes re-evaluate their strategies completely, turning away from their traditional marketing methods and trying to find their space online.

Whether it’s trying to build an online presence, interacting with customers and clients through social media or just trying a new form of marketing; everyone turns to the web these days because, quite simply, they have to! This is evident in the number of digital-based careers listed on sites like because so many businesses are now on the lookout for people who specialize or have experience in the online space so that they can take their business forward, digitally.

digitalWith everything so ‘new’ and so modern, the digital space has opened up opportunities for all kinds of people in the past few years from new graduates to those experienced in traditional marketing and content methods. Everyone has had to adapt and this has become increasingly evident with the closure of numerous traditional media outlets such as newspapers and magazines who have taken their publications online because, simply, the print media is dead (in the eyes of many at least). Continue reading Your Guide to a Career in the Digital Industry