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Benefits Of Flexible Working

Flexible working is growing in popularity as more and more employers recognize the significant benefits that flexible working can bring to their business and to their staff.

Here we look at some of the reasons why flexible working can be so beneficial and rewarding for both the employer and the employee:

Avoids Short Staffing

Illness, holidays and other unforeseen circumstances are unavoidable but being short staffed in a particularly busy or crucial time for a business can be a real nightmare. By allowing some or all of your staff to work independently away from the office it allows them to work at a convenient time without pressure and without impacting too much on the business.

Reduces Lateness

It’s inevitable that people aren’t always going to be in work on time, particularly those with children who have to do the school run before work, heavy traffic and at times, unreliable public transport can all throw a spanner in the works when it comes to being punctual to work. Working from home allows for better time management and reduces stress caused through a daily commute.

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