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How an SEO Firm Can Improve Your Google Map Listings

Working together with a professional SEO firm is a great way to improve your Google Maps listings along with your rankings among search engines such as Google itself. There are many ways a SEO firm can improve your Google Maps listing regardless of the type of business you are running and where you are located. Utilizing the services of professionals who specialize in SEO is one way to help build an online presence when you want to expand your business with modern technology.

Pinpointing Your Demographic

Professionals who work with search engine optimization are capable of pinpointing the ideal demographic you should be targeting with your keywords and any campaigns they plan to run for you. Knowing the age range of those you should be trying to reach can help with ensuring all campaigns you choose to use will be well-received by your audience. It is also important to understand which gender is most interested in your brand as well as your demographic’s interests and personal hobbies, which can be found out with proper analytic tools and statistical data online. The more you know about your market, the easier it is to create relevant and intriguing campaigns, whether online or off. Continue reading How an SEO Firm Can Improve Your Google Map Listings

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Local Search SEO

There has been a lot of talk recently about the rise of local search online. With the increase in mobile online usage and the introduction of better location-based results in Google, local search optimization is becoming a vital component of overall SEO for businesses across the world. Check out these five things you probably didn’t know about local search SEO and what it can do for you.

  1. Going Mobile Is Key

The world is going mobile. If you are not convinced, just look at the numbers. According to Bloomberg, the number of smartphones in use across the globe is now over 1 billion and that number is expected to double in the next two years. And of those 1 billion smartphone users, 94 percent search for local information on their phone.

Moreover, Search Engine Land cites that 73 percent of mobile searches then trigger follow-up actions, resulting in a 28 percent conversion rate for mobile searches.

In other words, a lot of people are using their mobile devices (especially their phones) to conduct local searches and are then acting on the information they receive. Continue reading 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Local Search SEO

Google Readies Top Guns for a Shoot-Out over Targeted Local Advertising

Following its failed $6 billion acquisition bid for GroupOn, the fast-growing social shopping and coupon provider, search engine giant Google remains committed to boost its footprint in the online and mobile local ad markets. Post-GroupOn. Susan Wojciki, Google’s senior vice president of advertising, told the Wall Street Journal that, “cracking the local ad market is her biggest priority.”

This assertion and the appointment of Marissa Mayer, one of Google’s key executives, “to head up a new business focused on location services,” are, the WSJ notes, “are the latest sign(s) that Google sees location as a key driver of its core business of providing Internet ads.”

Continue reading Google Readies Top Guns for a Shoot-Out over Targeted Local Advertising

Local SEO – Ranking in Your Hometown

If your business has a website and you serve a local market, and you are not in the Google Local listings — what are you doing? You are throwing away traffic.

Local search results are here (have been here for a while) and are only going to become a bigger piece of the pie. If you don’t believe me or are not sure what I am even talking about, let’s do a little experiment. Load up your web browser and do a search for dry cleaners on Google.  Dry cleaners serve a very local market. Check out the results below. (note: my ISP actually flows through Atlanta so I have to add the Richmond keyword in to get the same type of results you will see if you are one of my fellow Richmond businesses). Continue reading Local SEO – Ranking in Your Hometown