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The Slow Death of Long Tail SEO?

What is the ‘long tail’? In his book of the same name, economist Chris Anderson defines the relationship between high-volume and low-volume keywords as: “the head of the demand curve” and “the huge number of niches in the tail.” The Internet economy been able to exploit niches, by offering variety where real-life retailers can offer only the most profitable product.

In keyword terms – these are the lengthier and more descriptive keywords (known as the ‘long tail’), that are also less commonly searched for. Google is going in the direction of favoring megabrands in its search results, and is constantly tweaking its search engine to speed up the journey to users’ results.

Google altering its search algorithm for megabrands means these long tail keywords are getting harder to rank for. However, with better content and branding your business can still remain competitive in this area.  Continue reading The Slow Death of Long Tail SEO?