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What Does It Mean to Be Agile, and Should You Jump On Board?

Agile methodology: it’s a buzzword that you’ll hear thrown around by IT experts. Everyone is talking about “going agile,” but what does it mean—and is it something your business needs to adopt, too?

The Agile method was developed by IT experts interested in revamping project management from the ground up. It is a methodology with processes and guidelines that are intended to directly address the challenges and limitations of traditional IT project management and development.

Rather than working on your IT project in solitary confinement, delivering and implementing it, and then addressing the issues that arise, Agile IT consulting firms embrace constant communication and feedback as the foundation of a project. In Agile, instead of the project being fixed and the timeline being fluid, the timeline is fixed and the project is flexible. Throughout the development process, Agile methodology calls for continuous planning, continuous testing, and continuous integration, so that you’re involved in every step of the development process until the project is complete.

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