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Where To Get Blog Content

Quality content is key, yet many business owners simply lack the time to write their own blog posts. There are so many demands that a business owner has on his or her time that it might seem as though finding time to write a blog post is an ordeal. The good news is that there are so many content sites available that business owners can get requests for blog content filled easily.

Interact Media

Interact Media, as known as Zerys, is another source for blog post content rapidly growing in popularity. The site is set up in a way that walks clients through every step, with access to a helpful support staff. Helpful tools to allow for keyword optimization are built right in, eliminating much of the need for revisions. A Copyscape scan is built in, keeping up with the company’s zero tolerance policy against plagiarism. Writers are permitted to write within certain categories that match their experience. Favorite writer lists can be set up, allowing only the best writers to see posted jobs. Direct assignments options are also available. Continue reading Where To Get Blog Content

Why Aren’t Your Website Visitors Turning into Customers?

Almost all Internet marketers want to drive more traffic to their websites. This is an understandable goal, but it shouldn’t be your top priority. You should be trying to turn your existing visitors into paying customers. Some websites receive thousands of visitors a day that never purchase anything. Here are some reasons that those visitors may not be converting into sales.

Traffic Isn’t Relevant

The biggest reason that traffic doesn’t convert is that it isn’t relevant to the theme of the blog. There are tons of ways to boost traffic to your website, but those strategies may not bring people that actually want to make a purchase. Here are some traffic sources that tend to be less likely to convert:

  • Referrals from generic or irrelevant blogs
  • Organic search referral traffic from irrelevant keywords
  • Referrals from  social media users in unrelated niches

You may have received some visitors to your paleo diet site by advertising on a high traffic technology blog. However, those visitors probably have very little interest in the product that you are offering. You would be much better off targeting another paleo or dieting site that has fewer visitors that are more likely to convert.

Feels Like a Bait and Switch

Have you ever been duped by an ad that claimed to be giving something for free, only to find that the site was actually charging you for it? You were probably sorely disappointed that the advertiser didn’t live up to their promise. The advertiser probably lost your trust by failing to be honest with you.

You want to make sure that you don’t make this mistake with your customers. You want to be completely up front with them with any offsite statements that you make. Your ads should clearly specify what you are giving away. This even applies to the meta description in your web pages. People are likely to click the back button if they feel that you were disingenuous with them.

Your Call to Action Isn’t Clear

Your website visitors aren’t likely to purchase your products simply because you want them to. You need a strong call-to-action to turn them into customers. Here are some things that you need to consider:

  • Your call needs to be visible. It is a good idea to put it in the center or slightly left of center. It should be at least 20% larger than the smallest elements on any of your pages.
  • You need to clearly state what you want your visitors to do. Writing “buy our paleo diet ebook for only $5.99” than “start learning about the paleo diet today.”

You may need to evaluate your call-to-action if your conversions aren’t as high as you would like. You may find that it needs some work.

Need a Better Design

A poor layout can also drive visitors away. You may need to give your site a major overhaul if your visitors aren’t converting. Fortunately, there are a number of great tools such as these that you may want to consider using.

Great Tips That Will Help You to Build Links Naturally

Link building is one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy and one of the most valuable things that you can do to improve the web presence of your site. Search engines will rank your website higher if you have a lot of high quality links to your pages. The more links that you have, the more likely you will be to rank higher when someone searches for a keyword that is relevant to your website.

There are many ways to build links, from requesting that another website link to you, to writing a guest post for someone to submitting to a directory to building social links by posting on forums, making blog comments and using social media. However, natural link building is not as easy as it looks and there are a lot of important factors that you need to keep in mind. So what tips should you know so that you can build links naturally? Here are some helpful pointers that you can use in your link building strategy:

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Rise Above Other Local Businesses with Los Angeles SEO

There are a number of highly necessary items to consider when it comes to creating a website and getting your business off the ground, one of which is SEO. When you are just getting into digital marketing, you might be wondering exactly what SEO is. To be frank, this is a brand new business tactic and strategy, meaning there are plenty of things you won’t know about it. In addition to that, there are some things you may be better off not learning. After all, your time is better spent running your business and leaving the technical details to the professionals. That being said, what does SEO do for you exactly? The word SEO is actually an acronym, standing for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Contrary to the name, a professional will not be optimizing the search engine, as that is better left to the professionals at Google and Yahoo. Instead, they will be optimizing your page for USE with the search engine. This, of course, means making sure that it will be visible to the masses who search for it(inadvertently) using a specific keyword. The more accurate your keywords are, the better your website will show up in the rankings.
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How an SEO Firm Can Improve Your Google Map Listings

Working together with a professional SEO firm is a great way to improve your Google Maps listings along with your rankings among search engines such as Google itself. There are many ways a SEO firm can improve your Google Maps listing regardless of the type of business you are running and where you are located. Utilizing the services of professionals who specialize in SEO is one way to help build an online presence when you want to expand your business with modern technology.

Pinpointing Your Demographic

Professionals who work with search engine optimization are capable of pinpointing the ideal demographic you should be targeting with your keywords and any campaigns they plan to run for you. Knowing the age range of those you should be trying to reach can help with ensuring all campaigns you choose to use will be well-received by your audience. It is also important to understand which gender is most interested in your brand as well as your demographic’s interests and personal hobbies, which can be found out with proper analytic tools and statistical data online. The more you know about your market, the easier it is to create relevant and intriguing campaigns, whether online or off. Continue reading How an SEO Firm Can Improve Your Google Map Listings

How To Teach Yourself SEO


Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it’s called, is an industry that can soar you to new heights if you get it right. However if you get it wrong, you may end up pulling your hair out after a few months.

If you’re planning to engage in SEO, whether you’re promoting your own website or if you’re just looking into a new career, you have to always stay up to date with the latest developments. Trust me, there are that many advancements and changes every week, it takes a while to really get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, SEO isn’t a sure thing, it’s an on-going process that may work for a little while, then completely collapse on you. It’s down to you to know how to solve any problems when they arise.

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Creating a Website That Works for the Semantic Web

Google is changing. Recently, John Wiley, a search designer for Google conceded that around 15% of daily searches on Google are focused on search terms that have not been encountered before by the search engine. This means that a staggering 500 million results a day are being produced on the back of no previous experience by effectively a robot!

Google Matchmaking Services

Google is effectively nothing more than a sophisticated matchmaker. It takes a look at the search, and sifts through options to give what it feels like might be the best answers. There’s no doubt though that this is an imprecise process, and we only have to conduct a handful of searches ourselves to see that we don’t always get the results that we hope for.

The Struggle for Google

If we look at things from the other side though, it’s easy to see how hard things must be for Google. Take for example a producer of running trainers. If you are trying to get noticed on the internet, you have to make sure that people have enough ways of finding your products. This means marketing your running shoes as trainers, sneakers, running shoes, cross trainers, sports shoes and goodness knows what else to second guess how people will attempt to find your products. This doesn’t even take into account the various different types of specific trainers that are on the market, and how each individual might search for them. We’re getting into needle in a haystack territory here, and this is of course a good way to highlight just how hit and miss the whole operation surely is. Continue reading Creating a Website That Works for the Semantic Web

How to Choose the Right Full Service Digital Agency

As with anything in today’s world, choice is something we are not short of.  From clothes and shoes to supermarkets and insurance companies.  And, when it comes to business and digital a full service digital agency like mmadigital is no different.  There is a sea of choice out there when picking a full service digital agency.  And knowing which one to choose is difficult.

Chances are, you are not even entirely sure of what it is that you are after? Do you need a new website?  Do you need help with social media?  How do you drive more traffic to your website?  All of these questions can leave you frustrated.  Especially when you still have your day-to-day job and the running of your business to contend with.

Well, that is where mmadigital comes in.  We know exactly what to do and choosing the right agency is essential.  So how do you know that we are the right digital agency for you?  Here are some top tips on looking for the right digital agency like mmadigital:

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What is Latent Semantic Search and How it Effects SEO rankings for Your Site?

As the number of websites increases, the problems associated with increase in the number of websites are also increases. This leads to information overload. The latent semantic search is useful to solve the problem of information overload. Latent semantic search is important from SEO point of view. Latent semantic indexing is an indexing technique which is used by almost all search engines. Latent search indexing refers to that a search engine aims to attach some concepts while indexing the web pages. It is used to judge the content on a web page and to determine how similar it is with other websites. It will give more importance to the relevant content. It prevents the search engines from keyword and backlink spammers.

Latent semantic search is used to evaluate the document depending on the relevance of content present in the document. This indexing technique not only considers the keyword present in the single document but also considers the bunch of documents for the same keyword. This helps the search engine to get the information about how pages are linked. This helps the search engine to give ranking to the websites according to the relevancy of the document to the specific keywords. To get ranked top in search engine results proper keywords are assigned to the websites through this latent search indexing. Continue reading What is Latent Semantic Search and How it Effects SEO rankings for Your Site?

Who Wants to Drive More Traffic to Their Website?

Having a website for your business with no traffic is about as useful as having a store at a physical location with no sign, no door and no inventory. You’re open for business, so you not only want to bring in the crowds, but also attract customers looking for the services you offer.

If your virtual sales floor is feeling about as deserted as a ghost town and your Google SEO is falling way short, try these effective tips for driving more traffic to your website.

Spread the Word

For ages businesses have used word-of-mouth methods to drive business, so why stop in the Internet age? Inform everyone you can, including past clients, family members, and friends about your website, and ask them to spread the word. Continue reading Who Wants to Drive More Traffic to Their Website?