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Better SMM: Clearing Up the Hashtag Confusion

Hashtags allow you to gain more exposure for your social media page and join conversations about topics you know a lot about or want to promote. You can also organize the content on social media sites by clicking on other people’s hashtags to narrow which posts you see. Any word or phrase can be turned into a hashtag easily, and you can see which hashtags are currently popular on Twitter thanks to the “Trending” section on the homepage. Your social media marketing can be improved by the proper use of hashtag, because the tag keywords will increase traffic to your site and may even come up in search engine results.

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags seem random or confusing the first time you sign on to Twitter or Facebook. In fact, they are used quite strategically and can help drive traffic to your social media page and ultimately your company website. A hashtag is any word or phrase that follows the “#”sign, also called a hash sign. Once you include the hash sign, the phrase immediately becomes clickable. This allows users to click on your hashtag and see everyone else who has used the same hashtag. Likewise, you can search for a particular hashtag and see what other people are saying about it before you add to the conversation. Continue reading Better SMM: Clearing Up the Hashtag Confusion

6 Ways To Use Instagram For Business

Instagram is a very popular photo sharing app originally for iPhones only but now available for Android phones as well. Instagram allows you to share photos you take with your phone or have on your phone, edit them with different fun filters and share them with other users. You can also use hashtags to help you find and sort photos. But what you probably didn’t know about Instagram is that it can be used by businesses to help increase brand awareness.

Here are six great ways you can use Instagram for business:

  1. Highlight your products or services- Take this time to show people what you’re really all about. Post pictures of your products or services. Take time to explain via Instagram what they are or how they are used. Highlighting products is a great way to increase the interest in those products and keep people talking about your brand.
  2. Continue reading 6 Ways To Use Instagram For Business

RIP MyBlogLog

I just got my official notice this morning that Yahoo! MyBlogLog is being discontinued effective May 24, 2011. Of course they don’t say much else in their email notification, but I did not really expect they would.  It seems to me that MyBlogLog was pretty much put on the back burner once Yahoo! bought them a few years back (or was it several — it has been so long since I paid any attention).

I can recall the first time I saw a MyBlogLog widget on the sidebar of an Internet marketing focused blog.  It was a pretty cool idea.  Kind of like social networking for geeks before the world became enamored with Facebook. Just pulling from my memory, it seems like MySpace was the dominant social network of the time (and we all know that was full of kids, marketers (err spammer), and some parents trying to keep track of what their kids were up to.

For those of you not familiar with MyBlogLog… think of a Facebook fan widget that you see on most SEO’d sites of today (check out the right nav bar beside this post now).  It did not really show status updates, it just showed avatars of other MyBlogLog users who had visited the blog/page that the widget was on. Continue reading RIP MyBlogLog

Google Enters the Social Networking Scene with “Google Buzz”

The over abundance of social networking sites has people wondering what we need another social network for.  With FaceBook, MySpace, and the rapidly expanding Twitter already standing at the top of the mountain in terms of social networking, the new Google Buzz is receiving a lukewarm reception.

However, Google making ground in the social media market is more than a possibility – it’s almost a guarantee.  Google has made a solid splash with several software programs, browsers, Internet marketing aid, cell phone platforms, and endless other elements of the Internet, or computers in general, so it only stands to reason they would be interested in taking a piece of the social networking pie.  With an estimated 176 million Gmail subscribers, it would seem possible that Google Buzz will eventually take off and lead Google into yet another dimension of evolution.

If Google does succeed with this endeavor, and they probably will, the question that lingers is why is it better than the other social networking options?  Is it worth starting all over with picture downloads, profile updates, and friend finding? Continue reading Google Enters the Social Networking Scene with “Google Buzz”