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Twitter Announces New Login Security Features

Twitter has rolled out more advanced login security features designed to thwart hackers.  The hard-to-crack “2 factor authorization” will add a new level of protection after some critics claimed that Twitter’s login security was too weak. 

High Profile Hackings

Twitter vowed to upgrade its security features after a number of big name organizations had their Twitter accounts compromised. For about an hour, the Burger King account was hacked and promoted McDonald’s. The account for Jeep got a similar treatment, promoting Chrysler during the brief security breach. More seriously, the account for the Associated Press was hacked and falsely reported that a bomb had gone off at The White House. Investors who mistakenly thought that the story was real caused the stock market to temporarily drop.

Unfortunately, the hacking threat that hurt large companies also looms over regular users. It’s recommended that Tweeters perform a criminal background check on their followers to ensure that they aren’t sending daily tweets to known criminals. Continue reading Twitter Announces New Login Security Features