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Bypassing the Pleasantries: How Internet Security is Getting Personal

It’s a very disturbing fact that even in 2014, over half of internet users in the UK are still not implementing appropriate web security to protect their data. Maybe people will endeavour to change this attitude when they learn that a massive amount of personal data was recently discovered to be for sale on the online ‘black market’.

How much data? Information from over 360 million accounts and well over one billion email addresses were up for grabs to the highest bidder. When it comes to the web, anyone and everyone is after what they can steal, take or copy.

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It may be too early to deck the halls with tinsel but if you run an ecommerce business, it’s not too early to prepare for Christmas. Preparation is key for maximising sales over the Christmas period (November to December) so it’s never too early to start getting your website ready. And with many companies starting their Christmas preparations as early as August, it’s highly advisable to get your Christmas preparations underway now if you haven’t already.

Prepare your mobile site

This year the experts are predicting that Britain is headed for its first ‘mobile Christmas’ – where more and more people will do their Christmas shopping on the go using tablets and mobile phones – so making sure you have a good, working mobile version of your site is essential.

Mobile users prefer using websites that are designed for mobile devices so if your site hasn’t got a mobile version, get one. If browsing and making a purchase is easy, users are more likely to buy. A good mobile site means less scrolling and zooming in on small devices – making the overall shopping experience more pleasant.


What Your Web Host Says About You

Your web hoster can say a lot more about you than you might realise. There might be hundreds on the market but each will be renowned for attracting users with a different array of needs. As such, your needs and the specific services you intend on using should have a significant impact on what host you decide to use.

Stats don’t lie

Below we’ve produced an infographic that depicts the statistics for just one of the host sites you can compare at, which we have gathered by sampling and analysing a section (around 300) of the sites hosted through it. The host in question is ‘HostGator’, a hosting site that was founded around the turn of the century and has built a dedicated user base over the past decade that has helped it become one of the most popular hosts around. With this infographic we’ll be looking at how site owners using HostGator manage, promote and organise their websites with a means to revealing wether or not it could be the right host for you. Continue reading What Your Web Host Says About You