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Rise Above Other Local Businesses with Los Angeles SEO

There are a number of highly necessary items to consider when it comes to creating a website and getting your business off the ground, one of which is SEO. When you are just getting into digital marketing, you might be wondering exactly what SEO is. To be frank, this is a brand new business tactic and strategy, meaning there are plenty of things you won’t know about it. In addition to that, there are some things you may be better off not learning. After all, your time is better spent running your business and leaving the technical details to the professionals. That being said, what does SEO do for you exactly? The word SEO is actually an acronym, standing for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Contrary to the name, a professional will not be optimizing the search engine, as that is better left to the professionals at Google and Yahoo. Instead, they will be optimizing your page for USE with the search engine. This, of course, means making sure that it will be visible to the masses who search for it(inadvertently) using a specific keyword. The more accurate your keywords are, the better your website will show up in the rankings.
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How Can I Make My Website a Winner?

A lot of website owners might ask themselves why they’re not attracting the amount of traffic they expected. And if you’re not attracting enough people, then your business, art, or whatever you might be promoting, suffers as a consequence. Isn’t it as simple as getting a website online and watching the hits roll in?

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It may be too early to deck the halls with tinsel but if you run an ecommerce business, it’s not too early to prepare for Christmas. Preparation is key for maximising sales over the Christmas period (November to December) so it’s never too early to start getting your website ready. And with many companies starting their Christmas preparations as early as August, it’s highly advisable to get your Christmas preparations underway now if you haven’t already.

Prepare your mobile site

This year the experts are predicting that Britain is headed for its first ‘mobile Christmas’ – where more and more people will do their Christmas shopping on the go using tablets and mobile phones – so making sure you have a good, working mobile version of your site is essential.

Mobile users prefer using websites that are designed for mobile devices so if your site hasn’t got a mobile version, get one. If browsing and making a purchase is easy, users are more likely to buy. A good mobile site means less scrolling and zooming in on small devices – making the overall shopping experience more pleasant.


Who Wants to Drive More Traffic to Their Website?

Having a website for your business with no traffic is about as useful as having a store at a physical location with no sign, no door and no inventory. You’re open for business, so you not only want to bring in the crowds, but also attract customers looking for the services you offer.

If your virtual sales floor is feeling about as deserted as a ghost town and your Google SEO is falling way short, try these effective tips for driving more traffic to your website.

Spread the Word

For ages businesses have used word-of-mouth methods to drive business, so why stop in the Internet age? Inform everyone you can, including past clients, family members, and friends about your website, and ask them to spread the word. Continue reading Who Wants to Drive More Traffic to Their Website?

RIP MyBlogLog

I just got my official notice this morning that Yahoo! MyBlogLog is being discontinued effective May 24, 2011. Of course they don’t say much else in their email notification, but I did not really expect they would.  It seems to me that MyBlogLog was pretty much put on the back burner once Yahoo! bought them a few years back (or was it several — it has been so long since I paid any attention).

I can recall the first time I saw a MyBlogLog widget on the sidebar of an Internet marketing focused blog.  It was a pretty cool idea.  Kind of like social networking for geeks before the world became enamored with Facebook. Just pulling from my memory, it seems like MySpace was the dominant social network of the time (and we all know that was full of kids, marketers (err spammer), and some parents trying to keep track of what their kids were up to.

For those of you not familiar with MyBlogLog… think of a Facebook fan widget that you see on most SEO’d sites of today (check out the right nav bar beside this post now).  It did not really show status updates, it just showed avatars of other MyBlogLog users who had visited the blog/page that the widget was on. Continue reading RIP MyBlogLog