Why Aren’t Your Website Visitors Turning into Customers?


Almo t all Internet marketer want to drive more traffic to their web ite Thi i an under tandable goal, but it houldn’t be your top priority You hould be trying to turn your exi ting vi itor into paying cu tomer Some web ite receive thou and of vi itor a day that never purcha e anything Here are ome rea on that tho e vi itor may not be converting into ale Traffic I n’t Relevant The bigge t rea on that traffic doe n’t convert i that it i n’t relevant to the theme of the blog There are ton of way to boo t traffic to your web ite, but tho e trategie may not bring [click to continue…]

Great Tips That Will Help You to Build Links Naturally


Link building i one of the mo t important part of your SEO trategy and one of the mo t valuable thing that you can do to improve the web pre ence of your ite Search engine will rank your web ite higher if you have a lot of high quality link to your page The more link that you have, the more likely you will be to rank higher when omeone earche for a keyword that i relevant to your web ite There are many way to build link , from reque ting that another web ite link to you, to writing a gue t po t for omeone to ubmitting to a directory to building ocial link by po ting on [click to continue…]

Crafting the Perfect Marketing Email


De pite the ravage that the pammer have wrought on email’  tru tworthine , the format actually ha a long e tabli hed tru ted reputation It’ u ed widely in the bu ine world a the main form of communication replacing the traditional letter Our energy provider , our local council and our bank all u e it to contact u We u e it in the ame way in which we al o u ed per onal letter and po tcard in the pa t While we may u e ocial network to chat, make friend and generally avoid getting bored at work, we don’t hold private conver ation on them (OK, mo t of u don’t) in the [click to continue…]