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SEO Housecleaning – Cleaning Out The RSS Reader

While I would love to say that every idea I have ever thought of regarding SEO are my own, I must confess that the majority are amalgamations of great ideas I find all over the net.  Surely I don’t spend my days hunting out grand SEO ideas by surfing the net.  If I did, I would never get to client work. I have subscribed to pretty much every SEO related RSS feed I can find over time.

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it.  Subscribe to everyone, fire up my RSS reader of choice every day, cherry pick the good ideas, skip the crap ideas. Easy enough? Not really. I bet I have subscribed to hundreds of these feeds on top of the feeds for other topics that interest me (PPC, affiliate marketing, PHP, baseball to name a few).  The problem is that over time I get overloaded with new posts, the bulk of which are repeats of themes from the better blogs.  So, I have become RSS feed blind.

How much so?  Completely.  For a while I would not even start up the reader, as I just did not want to see the alerts pop up for new content all of the time. It has probably been a good month or so since I really paid attention to the RSS feed alerts. You know something?  That sucks.

This morning I got a little early morning reading in and stumbled on a post from BlueGlass about them acquiring 3 Dog.  This intrigued me for a couple reasons. First… while I generally know about Blue Glass, I was not getting their feed – so I subscribed.  Second… I thought wow, I’ve not really seen the RSS feed from 3 Dog in a while.

Ok – boring post this is.  Wait a minute.  It is boring to some, but others will get the point in a second.  This process triggered an amazing house cleaning on my part.

I went down my list of RSS feeds to the SEO category and noticed several feeds had no new posts (for a long time).  The delete key called my name (“Kent… press me” — in a scary ghost like tone).  WHAM!!! Old RSS feed gone.  I was empowered to find more dormant feeds and delete.  I was on a roll — even feeds with just a few posts of no interest were in my sights now. Regurgitating SEO ideas from other blogs? Gone!

By the time I finished, I had deleted all but a couple handfuls of SEO related RSS feeds.  These are the feeds I always seemed to read anyway, so my actual reading ideas are going to be about the same.  Hopefully though I will get rid of this RSS feed blindness.

So which feeds are left?  That’s the ingredient in the secret sauce so I won’t reveal all.  But a few must-reads  are:

  • SEOMoz – kind of the current gold standard
  • David Naylor – a humorous take many times
  • Blue Glass – can’t leave this out since they put me on my path to less cluttered SEO reading

If you have an active, original content, SEO related blog… pass me your URL.  I might end up adding back in to my reader!