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Will Bing Ever Be a Search Factor?

I have been a Google searcher for pretty much their entire existence. I remember the days of them having “beta” on their page, and them still having better results. In their beginning I was still a heavy Yahoo searcher, and it was probably only about 2000 that I became pretty much a full time user of Google. I still used Yahoo on occasion. I tried Jeeves (or was it Ask Jeeves?), dud. I tried MSN/Live (pre-Bing), horrible. I’ve used meta-crawlers and aggregaters and just about every other search scheme that came along (remember Dog Pile?). In the end, I keep coming back to Google for everything except a few specialized searches.

Am I different than any other searcher? Continue reading Will Bing Ever Be a Search Factor?

Google Enters the Social Networking Scene with “Google Buzz”

The over abundance of social networking sites has people wondering what we need another social network for.  With FaceBook, MySpace, and the rapidly expanding Twitter already standing at the top of the mountain in terms of social networking, the new Google Buzz is receiving a lukewarm reception.

However, Google making ground in the social media market is more than a possibility – it’s almost a guarantee.  Google has made a solid splash with several software programs, browsers, Internet marketing aid, cell phone platforms, and endless other elements of the Internet, or computers in general, so it only stands to reason they would be interested in taking a piece of the social networking pie.  With an estimated 176 million Gmail subscribers, it would seem possible that Google Buzz will eventually take off and lead Google into yet another dimension of evolution.

If Google does succeed with this endeavor, and they probably will, the question that lingers is why is it better than the other social networking options?  Is it worth starting all over with picture downloads, profile updates, and friend finding? Continue reading Google Enters the Social Networking Scene with “Google Buzz”