Social Media Services

Facebook Page Creation Service
Is your business on Facebook, meaning, do you have a Facebook page? You are not? Why not? For many businesses, especially “local” retail store, Facebook can drive real targeted, motivated traffic to your store. Every store needs to have a Facebook presence now. We can create a Facebook page (with the now required “time-line”) with our basic Facebook page creation package — for just $99!

Facebook Page Management
So, you have a Facebook page. Are you updating it regularly with information that will be useful for your fans and your customers (and potential customers)? Many companies find themselves creating a Facebook page, filling in the basic contact information, and then just expecting Facebook users to use the page as a jumping point to go to their website. An unmaintained Facebook page is much like a brochure that is sitting on a desk somewhere. You need to use your Facebook page to engage users. Give them a reason to read what you post and also a reason to trust you and your company.

Integrate Social Media and Website
Again, you have a Facebook page. You are hopefully updating it regularly and using it as a way to engage customers. Awesome! Do the visitors to your website know you have a Facebook page? Do you have a “like” button on your website? Having social media buttons on your website is just part of making the entire social media marketing process work the way it should. We can handle this integration with your current site. This one time effort can be handled for a one-time charge of $49!