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Searching for a top rated Richmond SEO company?   We are a digital marketing agency that works with businesses looking to improve traffic, leads, conversions and the ROI of their website. We also provide social media service in Richmond, VA and surrounding areas.

We use SEO best practices on our client’s websites.  In coordination with onsite optimization, we build appropriate incoming links, integrate with social media, and add appropriate paid search efforts as needed/desired.

What Does SEO Really Mean?

While you will hear the term SEO thrown around by most web developers, many people do not really understand or work to keep up with the current state of SEO. SEO literally means “Search Engine Optimization”, but in practice what does it mean? In practice, SEO is really the process of making sure a website’s on page content and HTML convey to the search engines what your site is really about. An old mantra of SEO purists is the “Content is King”. The real point behind that comment is that if you build extraordinary content, people – and by extension search engines (aka Google) – will find your site.


Content and Links

So, content is surely a significant (if not the primary) driver of SEO performance. You are most likely not going to rank your site for a term that does not exist in your content (it can be done, but not in a real world setting). So, get your content in order on your site.

In-bound links are certainly a major factor in SEO as well. How much of a factor varies based on the way links are built. Build links from unrelated sites, using trickery (ask Google what trickery means on a given day), or specifically for the purpose of SEO, and you may find yourself begging Google for forgiveness. Take the time to develop a good link building strategy!

How Can You Measure SEO Effectiveness?

It is actually easier to measure the success of SEO efforts than many believe. The key to measuring SEO success starts in the strategy phase — you must define the goal of your SEO efforts. The goal can be as simple as increasing web traffic or as complex as increasing product awareness of a new product in the pipeline. Of course the goal of SEO for most businesses is to increase leads and ultimately sales. Once an overall goal is identified, a proper metric or series of metrics can be identified — and ultimately tracking tools for the defined metrics are put in place.

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