Google Enters the Social Networking Scene with “Google Buzz”

The over abundance of social networking sites has people wondering what we need another social network for.  With FaceBook, MySpace, and the rapidly expanding Twitter already standing at the top of the mountain in terms of social networking, the new Google Buzz is receiving a lukewarm reception.

However, Google making ground in the social media market is more than a possibility – it’s almost a guarantee.  Google has made a solid splash with several software programs, browsers, Internet marketing aid, cell phone platforms, and endless other elements of the Internet, or computers in general, so it only stands to reason they would be interested in taking a piece of the social networking pie.  With an estimated 176 million Gmail subscribers, it would seem possible that Google Buzz will eventually take off and lead Google into yet another dimension of evolution.

If Google does succeed with this endeavor, and they probably will, the question that lingers is why is it better than the other social networking options?  Is it worth starting all over with picture downloads, profile updates, and friend finding?

Looking at Google Buzz from afar you see the same functions as the other networking sites; file sharing, links for videos, photos, and status updates.  Google seems to always be on the cutting edge of technology and Internet innovation, so what makes this a better alternative?

Due to the fact that Buzz was just launched in early February it is still a baby in a big world and does not offer too much more in terms of social networking than the already existing sites.  However, the same intuitive Google insight is already attached to Buzz even in its early stages of development.

One of these insights is having your Buzz account linked to your Gmail account.  This might seem small and trivial, but it already connects you to your contact list making it much easier to locate everyone.  Another bonus to Buzz is since it’s directly connected to your Gmail, this is one less browser that needs to be open while you are social networking.  It would seem that Google is aiming at getting all the elements of the social media market in a nice neat little package.
Google Buzz allows you to pick and choose which posts, pictures, or links you want to be public or private, as opposed to all of your information being one of the two.  This might seem like a small add-on, but it does give you the ability to keep contact with a lot of friends and still be a little personal with people who are closer to your life.

Aside from this, Google has created a way to use a new relevancy system that helps you keep posts of no interest to you away from your status updates.  It uses an algorithm to calculate the relevancy of a post compared to what the network knows about you and will either drop or raise the feed depending on your compatibility to the post.

Buzz is still on the ground floor but is already starting to make waves in the social networking arena.  We will have to wait and see if Google can, yet again, come out on top.

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